Source Inspection

Source Inspection

Manufacturers are often in difficult geographic locations which makes it extremely problematic for customers to oversee the quality of the manufacturing process. The quality of suppliers continues to be very difficult to manage globally. Therefore, Quality Assurance and Verification Services provides our partners with source inspections of materials for compliance with industry standards and regulations as well as product quality, availability and supplier competence. 

Regardless of the industry, QA-VS provides Source Inspection at the site of Manufacturing, Fabricating, Machinery, Setup, Assembly and Shipment as well as Laboratory Facilities. 

With our global range, QA-VS can facilitate your Source Inspection needs for all types of procured equipment, machinery and components. Our vast database of competent global inspectors is managed in our EIOP system and each inspector is identified for specific disciplines and commodities based on industry certifications, education, skills and experience. 

QA-VS can accommodate any size project from the one-off inspections such as a final inspection, all the way to our specialty full-scale inspection scope projects. Our range of capable scopes include but are not limited to: 

  • Attend and conduct PIM
  • Review and verification of materials and material test reports
  • Welding procedures and qualifications review 
  • Visual weld inspections
  • Witness and/or review of NDE Techniques
  • Witness and/or review of destructive testing
  • Witness and/or review of pressure / leak testing (hydrostatic / pneumatic)
  • Witness and/or review of performance / functional testing
  • Continual visual and dimensional verification
  • Witness and/or review of surface preparation / coating
  • Inspection of piece marking/tagging
  • Final Inspection / Shipping Preparations
  • Review of Manufactures Data Book’s
  • Documentation review 

Benefits With QA-VS

  • Dedicated project team with assigned coordinator 
  • Constant communication regarding project and quality of services
  • Technical inspection reporting within 24 hours locally
  • QA-VS manages the direct contact of all inspectors regardless of their global country or location while maintaining in-country relationships for proper local management, thus eliminating potential issues such as time differences 
  • Pro-active approach to scheduling, budget tracking, submission of deliverables (inspection report), tracking of KPI’s and NCR’s to enable better quality results and identifying deficiencies in production and limiting delays or increased project costs

While we believe systems do not replace the competency of personnel and the personal relationships necessary for our partners, QA-VS does utilize a powerful Electronic Integrated Operating Platform known as EIOP.  The EIOP is a global operating system that proactively manages the day to day processes of every customer inquiry and work order.  From the initial inquiry to the final shipping of procured equipment and invoicing, the EIOP provides our partners with confidence as well as documented proof of the quality of our service and performance of our personnel.

The EIOP contains our vast global database of thousands of qualified, competent and/or certified inspection personnel and is maintained by discipline/equipment commodities along with industry acknowledged certifications for example: 

i. Mechanical Fixed/Static Equipment

ii.  Rotating Machinery & Equipment

iii. Electrical Equipment

iv. Controls / Instrumentation Equipment

v. Drilling / Completions Equipment

vi. Civil / Structural Commodities 

vii. Coating / Insulation Processes

viii. NDE Processes

ix. Welding Fabrications / Constructions


Personnel Competency

Industry specialized and certified inspectors to industry standards such as API, ASME, NACE, etc.