Quality Assurance & Verification Services

QA-VS has a value-added pro-active approach to enable better quality and sustainable results for our partners.

We consider each customer to be our partner and as such we are mutually interested in the safety of people and preservation of our environment as well as the successful procurement of materials and equipment that equals or exceeds the quality required, is delivered as requested, and the supplier of  choice is continually assessed.

While we offer the standard services of Source Inspection, Expediting,  and Auditing, QA-VS focuses on the needs of our customers by integrating the best proven methods and processes to offer our partners a solid assurance of supplier compliance to industry and customer demands of quality and safety.  Every deliverable thus becomes a “QA-VS Package” which includes aspects of all standard services as a value-added, integrated technical package. Each package is specifically developed with each partner and may include:  the field inspection report, photographs, applicable inspection attachments, brief field supplier assessment, supplier status report, office expediting and scheduling, budget/cost report, key performance indicators, work order summary, project summary, and periodic customer/supplier history.

Strong relationships create true partnerships and in order to achieve this, QA-VS provides each customer with a Project Team of competent key personnel to directly manage the bond through requests and deliverables 

  1. Service Director
  2. Inspection Supervisor
  3. Technical Coordinator
  4. Account Manager

While we believe  systems do not replace the competency of personnel and the personal  relationships necessary for our partners, QA-VS does utilize a powerful Electronic Integrated Operating Platform known as EIOP.  The EIOP is a global operating system that proactively manages the day to day processes of every customer inquiry and work order.  From the initial inquiry to the final shipping of procured equipment and invoicing, the EIOP provides our partners with confidence as well as documented proof of the quality of our service and performance of our personnel.

The QA-VS USA office is our Global Center of Excellence and manages the direct contact of all field personnel including their qualifications, competency, and availability regardless of their global country or location while maintaining in-country relationships for proper local management.

The EIOP contains our vast global database of thousands of qualified, competent field personnel and is maintained by discipline/equipment commodities along with industry acknowledged certifications.

  1. Mechanical Fixed/Static Equipment
  2. Rotating Machinery & Equipment
  3. Electrical Equipment
  4. Controls / Instrumentation Equipment
  5. Drilling / Completions Equipment
  6. Civil / Structural Commodities 
  7. Coating / Insulation Processes
  8. NDE Processes
  9. Welding Fabrications / Constructions
  10. Expediting
  11. Auditing
  12. Etc.

As part of our relationship management and determination for excellent performance, QA-VS accepts work orders and scopes whereas qualified, competent field personnel are identified within the EIOP. Field personnel are required to have the necessary education, skills, qualifications, competency, and/or industry certifications necessary for the requested scope.

For additional information on our “QA-VS Package,“ please contact our QA-VS Center of Excellence

For more information on  our EIOP, please click here (requires proper security access)

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Source Inspection


Source inspection takes place at the manufacturing facility of the supplier by discipline specific field personnel to ensure our partner’s procured equipment meets or exceeds quality  



Expediting services are performed by certified expediting personnel and take place either formally at specified locations or informally to ensure our partner’s procured equipment arrives as scheduled



Ensure suppliers or sub-suppliers are continually compliant, capable, and competent to provide materials and equipment by utilizing our certified auditors and technical experts



 Eurasian Certification Services