Quality Verification Auditing

Quality Verification Auditing


With the vast selection of manufacturers and suppliers available globally, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to evaluate, determine and oversee their manufactures’ capabilities and quality performance. Verifying and approving any number of manufacturers and suppliers continues to be very problematic to accomplish and manage globally. Therefore, Quality Assurance and Verification Services provides our partners with Auditing Services of manufacturers and suppliers for verification of technical capabilities, supplier capabilities and quality management systems (ISO and non-ISO). Our experts verify that the vendor is able to deliver products which meet the required evaluation criteria and are in line with applicable standards in the requested time.


With our global range QA-VS can facilitate your auditing needs for all types of procured equipment, machinery and components anywhere in the world. Our competent, certified global Auditors are managed in our EIOP system and are identified by industry certifications, experience and training.  


QA-VS provides auditing for any industry at the site of Manufacturing, Fabricating, Machining, Setup, Assembly, and Shipment as well as Laboratory Facilities. QA-VS can perform a one-time assessment or partner with our customers to provide a consistent, regular audit assessment program at relevant intervals and frequencies. 


Benefits With QA-VS


  • Dedicated project team with assigned coordinator 
  • Constant communication regarding project and quality of services
  • Non-conformance notification within 24 hours of assessment and Technical Audit reporting within 72 hours locally
  • QA-VS manages the direct contact of all Auditors regardless of their global country or location while maintaining in-country relationships for proper local management, thus eliminating potential issues such as time differences 
  • Pro-active approach to scheduling, budget tracking, submission of deliverables, tracking of KPI’s and NCR’s to enable better quality results and identifying deficiencies in production and limiting delays or increased project costs

While we believe systems do not replace the competency of personnel and the personal relationships necessary for our partners, QA-VS does utilize a powerful Electronic Integrated Operating Platform known as EIOP.


The EIOP is a global operating system that proactively manages the day to day processes of every customer inquiry and work order.  From the initial inquiry to the final shipping of procured equipment and invoicing, the EIOP provides our partners with confidence as well as documented proof of the quality of our service and performance of our personnel 


The EIOP contains our global database of qualified, competent and certified Audit personnel and is maintained by discipline along with industry acknowledged certifications for example: 


            i. API AQ1 – Auditor – Q1

            ii. API AQ2 – Auditor – Q2

            iii. API IAQ1 - Internal Auditor - Q1

            iv. API IAQ2 - Internal Auditor - Q2

            v. API LAQ1 - Lead Auditor - Q1 

Personnel Competency

IRCA/ISO Auditors and Lead Auditors supported by technical Subject Matter Experts.