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QA-VS boasts a strong foundation — we’re backed by parent company Sonomatic, Sonomatic has been a leading provider of advanced inspection and integrity services for over 35 years. Sonomatic QA-VS further underscores that foundation with highly experienced Leadership and Management in the Quality Assurance and Verification Services sector. We pride ourselves in partnering with our customers and being an extension of their business — representing their needs, providing solutions that ensure their supply base are more efficient, effective and compliant with safety and quality requirements. 



♦Customer Focus 

♦Engagement of People 

Relationship Management



Strong relationships develop trust in people resulting in true partnerships



Client satisfaction is the result and pure definition of excellent performance

We view our customer relationships as long term strategic partnerships, not event driven transactions.

We are instituting new ways of working to enable better-quality and sustainable results for our partners.

We are challenging ourselves as well as the practices of our industry by integrating our practices and processes to modernize services and providing effective and economical solutions to our partners.

We act dependably and responsively, assuring partners of our competence and inspiring their trust at every step.

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QA-VS a Sonomatic Company

15425 North Freeway, Houston, Texas 77090, United States

(281) 769-2025
The QA-VS USA office is our Global Center of Excellence and manages the direct contact of all field personnel including their qualifications, competency and availability, regardless of their global country or location

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